Squishy Minnie Children's Bookshop Visit!

It was neither squishy or minnie – other than that SquishyMinnie is everything I'd dreamed it would be. It's a ridiculously charming children's bookshop in Kyneton, Vic. It's so homely and delightful that you expect it to be run by a family of kindly babushka dolls and their pet penguin, Boris. It's not. It's run by the lovely Kirsten and on Wednesday they have BookClub. On this particular Wednesday, BookClub discussed Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade! I was lucky enough to be a part of the heated debate over morse code, vomiting cats and gender stereotypes. Brilliant. I'm personally a big fan of kids' characters with flaws – which is why we create them. I've always found that kids use these wonky characters to explore their own worlds and make sense of it... and Jimmy does a very good line in wonky.