Kate and Jol on the ABC

At Katejoltemple.com we're not afraid of a little trumpet blowing. TOOT! So when we got the offer to step into the booth at ABC Radio National and talk about Room On Our Rock with the sparkly Hamish Macdonald – that was a yes. And what fun we had! As it was Refugee Week, it came at a great time, giving us the chance to talk about the role fiction has to play in helping build empathy on big social issues. It's not often that children's literature gets national exposure and we're very grateful to have an ABC that makes it possible.  

Jimmy Cook makes the 2018 CBCA Noteables!

CBCA Jimmy X.jpg

You can't keep a good captain down! Captain Jimmy Cook X Marks the Spot has dug his way out of trouble only to find himself sitting pretty on the Children's Book Council of Australia Notable list for 2018. Gold Star Jimmy!

We were lucky enough to have the CBCA award Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade Honour Book at last year's book awards and it was nothing short of terrific. There are many of our favourite authors and illustrators on this years list with wonderful books. Some of them we'd read already and others are now on our reading list. Well done everyone!

Room On Our Rock – our new book

This is the cover of our brand new book ROOM ON OUR ROCK. It's a pretty special thing. It's a book about sharing that can be read front-to-back or back-to-front for a very different perspective on the same story. We’re hearing from schools, teacher/librarians and parents that little kids are enjoying this book as a story about empathy and thinking about others where as older readers are making connections to social issues. It's very exciting to see the book resonating with so many different age groups. 

We, along with the talented NZ artist Terri Rose-Baynton and publisher Scholastic, are donating $1 from the sale of each book towards Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation's Refugee Action Support. It's a program that helps refugee students get the literacy support they need to meet the challenges of the classroom. We're puffed-up-chestproud to be a part of it. 


Adelaide Writers' Week Invites Us Back

You can't say they weren't warned, but the lovely folk at Adelaide Writers' Week have asked us back for 2018! How great. We love this garden festival of words and the Kids' Weekend is second to none. We'll be reading our brand new book (out Feb) and doing a Captain Jimmy Cook session. Can't wait!


Squishy Minnie Children's Bookshop Visit!

It was neither squishy or minnie – other than that SquishyMinnie is everything I'd dreamed it would be. It's a ridiculously charming children's bookshop in Kyneton, Vic. It's so homely and delightful that you expect it to be run by a family of kindly babushka dolls and their pet penguin, Boris. It's not. It's run by the lovely Kirsten and on Wednesday they have BookClub. On this particular Wednesday, BookClub discussed Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade! I was lucky enough to be a part of the heated debate over morse code, vomiting cats and gender stereotypes. Brilliant. I'm personally a big fan of kids' characters with flaws – which is why we create them. I've always found that kids use these wonky characters to explore their own worlds and make sense of it... and Jimmy does a very good line in wonky.