CBCA Honour Book 2017!

The CBCA has selected Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade as Honour Book for 2017. What a treat! First a Notable, then the shortlist, now this. We're letting this go directly to our heads...  eating ice cream for breakfast, wearing hats with fake fruit, riding lamas around town and letting it all sink in. Thank you CBCA for this lovely award. 

Captain Jimmy Cook - THE PLAY!!!!

Okay. Pull over your horse drawn apple cart and get ready to fall off your cow. This is some seriously great news: Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers The Third Grade has been turned into a play... no... not just any play... a musical play! And it's touring schools right now. We just saw a performance to grades 3 -6 at Marrickville Primary this very morning. It was awesome, there was an Alice Toolie puppet and a talking stick puppet... they even made one of the teachers into the dude who sells the Big Deal in the book. Nice work Meerkat Productions. Gold Star.

Writing Workshop @ Woollahra Library

Buffalo Exploding Floss! That's what the kids invented at the Woolahra Library Writers' Sessions on Friday. There were some other crazy products like Lava flavoured Slime Cream and Crunch Cactus Cakes... but those are best left unspoken about. Thanks Sarah and the team at Woollahra Library for having us in to talk books with the kids.

BOOKFEST! Premier's Reading Challenge LiveFeed

Whoo Hoo! We just beamed into classrooms across the state for a chat with over 2000 kids... with Jol dressed like a chicken. Umm. Yeah. I on the other hand looked very sensible in my jaunty captain's hat and said very sensible things like, "What does a chicken who likes reading say?" 


Somerset Festival of BOOKS!

Yes it was wet. It was soggy. But it was GREAT. Rain, heat and sleet could not keep the kids from the books or the books from the kids. We met hundreds of young readers and writers from all over the country and shared our new Jimmy Cook and our silly picture books. We even read a brand new book and got some excellent suggestions for the title... I still can't decide between Evil Snail Robots and Wizard Dizard. Any more suggestions SEND THEM OVER!

Jimmy Makes the LONG LIST

Captain Jimmy Cook has discovers the Children's Book Council Awards LONGLIST. He's put down his anchor right next to Artie and the Grime Wave and WIzz the police dog. Gold Star Jimmy! 

Big Books at Adelaide Writers' Festival

They were expecting big things from us but not this big! Our BIG BOOKs made their debut this weekend at the Adelaide Writers' Festival. When I say Big Books I means stupidly oversized big. If there was a giant who was really into rhyming picture books these are the books he'd be reading. Each book takes two people to carry! Lucky there's two of us! Thanks kids of Adelaide who came out to our sessions and to the Auslan interpreters who rhymed in sign . Here are some pics.

Adelaide Writers' Festival

We've been invited to the Adelaide Writers Festival. Boo-YA! We're not really the type that likes to play it cool when it comes to these things so in case you didn't get it Double Boo-YA. We're excited. We're going to be reading our books in the Family Tent on Saturday and Sunday.  

More details to follow!




Mike wins Best Designed Picture Book in Australia

Jol, Jon, Kate & Chren (Harper Collins) at the Australian Book Design Awards 2015.

Jol, Jon, Kate & Chren (Harper Collins) at the Australian Book Design Awards 2015.

Mike I Don't Like is about a boy who doesn't like stuff. But even he couldn't pretend he didn't like being the winner of Best Designed Children's Book 2015 by the Australian Book Design Awards. New copies of Mike are being printed as we speak, like right at this... no... THIS second. Weird.